Custom Services

IT solutions are not a one size fits all endeavour

Custom IT Security Solutions

Information Technology is a complex and diverse field. Support for IT customers cannot be provided in a cookie-cutter fashion. In order to be truly effective, support must be tailored to meet the customer's needs, not the other way around. At Crypto Logic Canada, we offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A)
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Strategic Security Planning
  • Establishment and Strengthening of Security Programs
  • Process and Procedure Review
  • Network Scans, Optimization and Installation
  • Secure Offsite Backups
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) configuration and setup

Many of our customers prefer to lock in support through our cost-effective Retainer Services. Don't see something on this list? Please contact us and we would be happy to work with you on your next project.