WaveMobile makes mobile easy

Avoid the headaches of mobile development

Mobile deployment made easy

Anyone who has engaged in mobile app development knows it is no simple task. Even a basic app with static content typically takes 2-4 weeks although some estimates are significantly longer. With WaveMobile, you can say goodbye to the typical headaches that accompany mobile development:

  • No need to search for trustworthy and cost effective mobile developers - our staff is ready when you are.
  • Don't want to install, learn and work with various development tools and environments? That's OK because we already have. (And we love it!)
  • Let us take care of the entire approval process. It can be daunting but we know the pitfalls and how to help smooth things along.
  • Testing, testing, testing. From unit tests to beta tests to regression tests, we have it in hand on your behalf. WaveMobile apps are already 'battle proven' with real-world deployments, reducing the test/fix/redeploy cycle significantly.
  • Let us worry about application maintenance and deploying updates and as they become available.

WaveMobile can take care of the heavy lifting while you enjoy success in the mobile market! Where traditional mobile development requires a long lead time, serious resource commitment and ongoing maintenance, the WaveMobile approach is fire and forget: You tell us what you want in your app and we deliver it at a fraction of the cost.