About Crypto Logic Canada, Inc.

Crypto Logic Canada, Inc. provides security and technology consulting to organizations across the globe. While our expertise is in Security (Information Security, Network Security, and Policy Development), we also provide general IT consulting services.

With over 20 years of experience, our staff is committed to ensuring your IT projects are successfully designed and implemented.

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Leveraging their technical expertise we were able to design and deploy an enterprise-wide security solution in a fraction of the projected time.

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Axioms of Cryptography

History teaches us some very valuable lessons about cryptography. I have extracted some of the basic concepts in a distilled form below. Designing a system based on these principles will make successful cryptanalysis more difficult.

1.    Every system that is practical is breakable.

2.    Sending the same message encrypted and in plaintext provides an invaluable reference to the cryptanalyst. Sending the same message using different keys or systems can also aid cryptanalysis.

Self-Enforcement: NAC's Black Sheep

It wasn't that long ago that everyone and their dog wanted in to the NAC market like it was a peep show on pay day. Some NAC companies sprung up from the dirt fully formed through VC funding, while others made (often fatal) changes in product or company direction in order to get a piece of the action. Companies that had nothing to do with NAC - and sometimes nothing to do with security at all - planted their flag on the barren NAC lunarscape to avoid missing out on the inevitable cash cow (that never came).

Securing Credential Delivery

Initially, some crypto systems relied on a single piece of information for user authentication (such as a passphrase provided out of band). As Public Key Infrastructures matured, this type of system became unacceptable because of the potential for compromise through a single point of failure. Today's baseline for user authentication is provided by the CA generating two disparate pieces of information, both of which are required during certificate generation.

Guest Wireless

Providing free guest wireless is no longer a service differentiator, it is a baseline expectation. Customers have come to expect free wifi while they shop, eat or wait at a business location.

Let us add a guest wireless to your existing internet connection for only $99. This proven setup adds a secure network keeping your business systems and information separate from guest users. Guests can browse directly to the Internet with automatic filtering of suspicious or inappropriate sites.

It's never been easier to add this valuable and safe service for your customers.

WaveMobile is cost effective

Industry estimates typically vary from $6,500 to $10,000 for basic mobile applications, and $20,000+ for larger apps. In addition to costs for licenses, development platforms and graphic design mobile development typically costs $100 per hour. Most small to medium sized organizations simply don't have the budget to support this kind of undertaking.

WaveMobile's approach is to reduce costs through reuse, flexibility and simplicity, and offer a comparable mobile app for $1,000.


Q: Why do I need a mobile app?

A: The mobile market has grown by 450% over the last 2 years and shows no sign of slowing down. Your customers are becoming increasingly mobile and engaging with businesses that enter the mobile market. Creating a low-cost mobile app is a great way to keep pace with your emerging customers.
* See MobileStatistics.com.